From identity to image

What makes brands unique

It’s the same with brands as with people: you have to develop your own personality in order to be perceived in the masses.

In positioning workshops, we work out the core of your brand together. This creates the basis for a visual and contextual appearance that reflects brand identity and shapes its unmistakable image. Online as well as offline. From the company website to the annual report.





Partnership of mutual respect

“A partnership of mutual respect is the core of our new mission statement. And at the same time, the mission we shared with our communication partner."

Christian 0. Erbe and Reiner Thede, Managing Director of Erbe



Strategic brand consulting

Well-founded brand strategies are the groundwork for consistent, strong brand management. Our strategic brand consulting comprises five interlinking components, developed individually or completely in brand workshops together with customers, depending on the desired focus.

Where does the brand currently stand?

Brand analysis determines the identity and image of a brand, taking the competition, target audiences and the market into consideration. Its about finding the status quo.

Result: brand status


How should the brand develop?

Brand strategy examines a brand’s potential and develops a vision of how it should be aligned in the future.

Result: brand strategy

What should be the brand’s approach?

Brand positioning defines and manages the brand through the four parameters of brand competence, brand promise, tonality and core message.

Result: brand steering wheel


Where does the brand stand within a brand structure?

Brand architecture has to do with the relationship of individual brands below an umbrella brand. Roles and positioning within the company are determined, limits and interfaces are defined.

Result: brand architecture

What philosophy do employees orient themselves to?

Internal branding develops a corporate philosophy. The values and behaviors it describes form the framework for corporate behavior, creating orientation and identification for employees.

Result: corporate philosophy

Use Case - DAL annual report online & print

More than numbers, data, facts: The 2016 annual report was to become a lighthouse project for the DAL brand and reflect both DAL brand values and achievements with a new content and design concept.  Read more.

Use Case - Erbe brand relaunch

More Power! Image change of a traditional Swabian company to an internationally active, dynamic partner on equal footing. Read more.

Corporate Branding – Success through values and credibility


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