Generating qualified leads

Turning contacts into customers

Before sales can be successful, marketing experts have to lay the groundwork for lead generation. The necessary tools range from classical direct marketing to a variety of online activities such as campaign landing pages, email marketing and search engine advertising (SEA).

Our aim is to obtain contact data (leads) from real prospects and to conduct dialogues with potential customers on this basis: as communicative support at all touchpoints of the customer journey and preparation for your sale.

We consult you on the optimal multichannel strategy, help with production and processing, collect and analyze data and build the bridge to your sales processes. We support sales with apps or sales folders, interview guides and call center training. This all lays the groundwork for sales and long-term customer loyalty.


Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are key figures that reflect business performance and serve as targets.

KPI – Build, Measure, Learn

Only those who measure know what they need to improve. We offer tracking methods for measuring your multichannel activities: from presenting user behavior to reporting defined goals. We have the right tools to achieve your goals.

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