A clear route instead of a scattergun approachMedia, PR and Planning

So that the message is also received

Where do you meet your target audience? Which of the numerous channels is best and most conveniently reached? We keep everything up on the screen. Based on well-founded media analysis, we create a communication plan that optimizes your selection of target audience, time, number of contacts and costs. Always with the promise of leading potential customers on the customer journey. There is no separation between online and offline. We think and act in an integrated way – just like our target audiences. It no longer matters where you reach your customers. The main thing is to reach them where they’re looking for your products.

Bought, owned, earned media – three components for optimal penetration of your target audiences

The bought-owned-earned model is a good basis for the development of digital media strategies. Bought media is paid advertising.

This includes all paid marketing instruments such as ads and banners.

Owned media is the communication through media channels that belongs to the company itself, and is therefore shaped by it. This includes websites, blogs and customer magazines.

Earned media is especially credible as it is the distribution of brand content by users, such as by recommendations/word-of-mouth.

Digital Media planning

We determine the appropriate digital environments depending on your communication objective. Our methods include SEA (Search Engine Advertising) and social media as well as “classical” advertising formats, from display advertising with banners to video advertising.

We book environments relevant to you for placements specific to your target audience, and use programmatic advertising for reach and efficiency. At the same time, we integrate content solutions that offer users added value, which gives the brand image a more profound influence.


Adserver - automatic delivery and analysis

Our adserver is a software tool that automatically measures the delivery and performance of all online advertising material.


It helps us analyze what, where and when advertising media is achieving the greatest success – in real time. This enables us to specifically optimize and conduct advertising activities where it actually matters for users.