Erbe Elektromedizin is an owner-managed family business in its fifth generation. It develops, produces and distributes surgical instruments and devices for use in operating theatres worldwide.

Erbe's image had to change: from a traditional Swabian company to an internationally active, dynamic partner at eye level with its clients.

The courage to change was our motto. On the basis of a competitive analysis and a strategic brand workshop, the brand was repositioned. After revising the brand identity, the new structure of the entire corporate design was consistently implemented. And with complete roll-out in all channels.

Erbe reloaded

The newly developed positioning as an innovative partner at eye level is clearly expressed: from the updated logo to the dynamic claim with a direct client approach to the characteristic focus element that integrates the "”e"” of the logo

like an electric line. Fresh shades of blue and green and the reduced formal language of the iconography hint at the medical environment of the Erbe brand.

Shooting (as) live in the operating theatre

For giving Erbe a distinctive brand image, stock photography was out of the question. Instead, an authentic b/w look in the style of photo documentation was developed. The shots of the scenes simulate the course of an operation and demonstrate the professional know-how that puts Erbe on an equal footing with its clients.

The products were also photographed ”in use” in this environment, additionally supplemented by purely factual b/w illustrations. Following this image concept, aesthetic motifs of the human body were created with medical support to visualise the application areas of the products.


The heart of the new positioning is the image brochure, which alludes to the sensitivity of the operating doctors with haptic features: alternating shortened pages and a punch that also serves as a register

provide exciting insights time and again. The captions for the people photos underline the dialogue between Erbe and its target group and the partnership-based cooperation in which the respective skills interact perfectly.

One Look - and yet always different

Whether application brochures, product literature, advertisements or personnel magazine, the entire print appearance shows the clear brand image of Erbe.

And yet it is flexible enough to look new and fresh on hundreds of pages time and again.


With the completely redesigned website, Erbe introduced itself to the whole world in a new design. The go-live was planned in parallel to the trade fair appearance – and everything went smoothly and on schedule. So every visitor, online and live, had the same brand experience under one roof.

In addition to the corporate website, another 12 websites of the subsidiaries were implemented. 300 individual pages for each country and language. 9 languages. 35,000 individual pages with sometimes new content and new images.


In order to get the brand relaunch into the right phase, the implementation of all measures continued right up to zero hour: Erbe had its big appearance at Medica, the leading trade fair for medical technology. And presented itself with an exhibition stand that caught all eyes and attracted many visitors.

Because in addition to the new look, Erbe also had a real product innovation to offer with VIO 3, which was staged accordingly. An additional highlight: thanks to a kind of modular system, the generously dimensioned stand could also be made smaller and thus adapted to different spatial conditions.

Erbe in Motion

With moving image intros to lectures or product videos, the new brand presence was staged even more dynamically and the trend towards video in communication was taken into account.