The “Kaufmannshof” building complex in Mainz is picturesquely situated at the local Customs Port, surrounded by tranquil canals and the River Rhine. Part of the property is reserved for local businesses. The beautifully landscaped inner courtyard is a haven for recreational activities and gatherings. Take a seat by the water and drop anchor at Kaufmannshof!

Flexible location for 2 to 80 people:

Do you want to host a workshop in our Docks? How about an after-work party at Kai 17? Or a film shoot at Pier 3? We can make it happen!

When you have important items on your agenda, you need the right conference, meeting or workshop space. Look no further than Docks 1 + 2 at Kaufmannshof – perfect for collaborative, hybrid or classic meet-ups. Our venues meet all modern conferencing and meeting requirements – for two-hour, half-day or full-day events.


The perfect venue for your meetings, workshops and conferences: 12 seats, 44 m², including 1 screen (85"), a Logitech conference system, 1 mobile whiteboard and workshop equipment. The mobile partition wall can be removed to combine Dock 1 and Dock 2, expanding the total capacity of 30-35 people.


A small space for big ideas: 8 seats, 22 m², including 1 Samsung flip screen (52") for digital recordings, 2 adjustable whiteboard desks, several whiteboards and workshop equipment. The mobile partition wall can be removed to combine Dock 1 and Dock 2, expanding the total capacity to 30-35 people.

Reach for the stars at Pier 3, a streaming studio designed to unearth future talent. Pier 3 opens up a world of possibilities – from streaming and podcasting to film and video.

Studio equipment:

Audac M2 mixing console, 9 x stereo input & 8 x stereo output, 2 Marshall CV630 cameras 4K, Audac VEXO110/B & BASO12/B speakers, Sennheiser EW 100 G4 A wireless microphone technology, SMD LED studio light PL-E90D

View the world from above. Broaden your horizons. Let your thoughts run free. Where? At Kai 17. Our new event space at Kaufmannshof is 17 metres above ground, offering a great view of the Customs Port and the Rhine from its rooftop terrace.

Event kitchen with fittings, 150 m² of floor space, 100 m² rooftop terrace, combinable with other workshop spaces, workshop equipment.

Seating arrangements: Banquet: 5 tables for 8 or 10 people

Cinema: 75 seats with grandstand

Gala: long table with 40 seats

Rooftop terrace, 100 m², fully furnished

Amazing view of the Customs Port and the Rhine

Professional technical equipment:

Sound: AUDAC stereo system with speakers, subwoofer and mixer, Sennheiser wireless system with two headsets and handheld mics

Image: wall screen (85"), mobile screen (85")

Lighting: ambient lighting in corporate design

public transport 8 min / by car 7 min

public transport 10 min / by car 20 min

public transport 40 min / by car 26 min
public transport 45 min / by car 35 min