Your advertising should be your biggest brand ambassador. It should stand out at points of sale and complement your digital presence. As an important aspect of employer branding, it is an essential marketing tool for successful companies. We aspire to be Germany’s most creative advertising partner, offering every customer our extensive experience, expertise and innovative strength. Let us show you what haptic advertising can do!

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We cover all your requirements for comprehensive support of your advertising materials - to this end, we offer our customers a multi-layered range of services in order to find customised solutions together with them. In addition to the individual programmes, we take care of the entire process from import to delivery.


There is no longer a boundary between digital and non-digital communication. What matters is what resonates with people. Bartenbach accompanies the relationship building and maintenance of brands and their target groups step by step – until success is achieved.

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We aspire to be Germany’s most creative advertising partner, offering every customer our extensive experience, expertise and innovative strength. We are always open to new ideas and focus on solutions. This allows us to exploit synergies and draw on the creative expertise of a multi-faceted communication agency at any time.

Ever since Bartenbach recognised the importance of advertising more than 30 years ago, we have been continuously expanding our expertise in this area. We are passionate about shaping the world of advertising – as a member of several major networks, we are committed to driving positive development in the industry.

PSI Network

PSI is Europe’s largest network for the promotional products industry. With around 5,000 members, PSI gives the industry a voice as a network of promotional product dealers, suppliers, consultants and agencies.

GWW e.V.

By becoming a member of Gesamtverband für die Werbeartikel-Wirtschaft e.V. and signing its Code of Ethics, we are committed to driving positive development in the promotional products industry with a view to the future.

Worldwide presence

Bartenbach's membership in the largest owner-managed agency network (1200 agencies in 109 countries) guarantees its customers market presence outside Europe. Especially on the continents of North America and Asia.


The gateway to Europe

Nexxus, expert and market leader in European advertising and marketing communications, offers a comprehensive integrated approach to all Western and Central European markets.


Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword at Bartenbach Werbemittel. As a promotional products dealer that puts goods on the market, we are fully aware of our responsibility for resources and towards our customers and employees. That’s why our idea of sustainability incorporates three key elements: environmental awareness, cost-effectiveness and social responsibility.

There’s always something to talk about at Bartenbach Werbemittel. This is mainly due to the wishes of our customers, who challenge and drive us every day. And due to our team of professionals who dedicate their passion and expertise to creating wonderful advertising materials, give-aways and branded goods.

All details and background information on our advertising materials are available from me.

Ralf Stöckl
MD Sales